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Friends chickens and galinacés Welcome!,

The goals of this site:

I'm installing a rustic laying hens and producing a first step, together with an organic gardener, Nicolas, for our self-sufficiency and providing food for livestock, and then choosing a breeding all-organic,
and creating a repository of French races.

Our foundation:

The foundations of our project is based on both principles and
The bases of L'Agro-écologie, La Permaculture, and an agriculture and livestock and animal friendly environment, respect for the ecosystem and preserve biodiversity. On a global level, we support human values ​​and solidarity
and a model community and sharing both human and economic terms.

Poster fleur permaculturelle

You can download this post on the site: http://permacultureprinciples.com/fr/

Our needs:

Sourirewe need regional or local suppliers ready to help us in our project,

Sourirewe would need our own farmland for crops (reduce costs and develop organic agriculture on the principles outlined above).

Sourirewe will focus on wood construction and materials for our local poultry, with fresh energy production, water harvesting, compost.

Sourirewe want a marketing area close to the customer catchment area and direct sales.

Sourirewe wish, in a second time, opt for a 100% organic, and the opening of a repository of chicken breeds as French-oriented teaching

Sourireour deadline for next fall would ideally!

Sourirewe also seek a material or financial support to our project with an original idea, discover our forms.

We need real solidarity & GeneroCity citizen,

"Small is beautiful" by the British economist Ernst Friedrich


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