Notre calendrier des investissements


First investment: 8500 €

1. Mounting coops wooden buildings by ourselves, and intervention plumber to connect water and gas supply and electrician to break ground (standards & certifications) The building floor must be covered with litter, straw or shavings dusted also nests thereafter.

expected duration 1 month: personal income during the first three months
RSA = 670 € x 2 = € 1,340

Second investment: € 5550 + € 627 food chicks

2. Purchases of equipment for rearing chicks, pens, lamps, feeders, drinkers
(Mounts included for two buildings)

3. Second month of the first shipment of 1,000 chicks
and lot of organic foods (Ecovert certification), monitor closely the breeding and health aspects

4. Between the second and fifth weeks the chicks are Identified by Banding

3rd Investment: 4000 €

5. Along the second month we prepare pens and outside areas for future hens and starting the organic garden and exterior siding treatment. Allow the purchase of a tractor used € 3000

6. After six weeks access to the course is open to outdoor chicks and returned before nightfall. Prevention against pests is expected and continuous monitoring

4th Investment: 1000 €

7. From the third month's shipment of 600 organic broilers in new building and at the same time building a lightweight structure for the reception and direct sales. Note: Provision of food supplements and additives, vitamins and trace elements and minerals are introduced into food from the 10th week (standard) and "The administration of these substances must be registered on a flock sheet "

5th various investment: 3000 €
8. Various equipment and insurance and membership, pub and health.

9. ----------- POWER animal supplier via année__________________ first € 22,150

10. Salaries and on the first year (maitien RSA) --------------------------------- € 20,000

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