four pillars of our project

four pillars of our project

1 - At first the formation of an organic laying hens and chickens and organic gardening in parallel (for our self-sufficiency and food of our birds) We will opt for charter Nature and Progress of precursor organic label in France and Europe. We will respect their specifications for the guarantee to our subscribers and customers.

Our egg production allow us to get resources quickly, the sale of eggs from strains of races also. Selling direct from the farm and cooperative networks and food shops will ensure revenues. The excess of gardening will be sold on local markets. The sale of chickens outdoor bio will be sold to a local abattoir to the label Nature & Progress.

2 - Secondly we will be fast enough to suit our funds or donations by the middle of a veritable conservatory of French chicken breeds and see which European educational purposes to schools children and adults will help raise awareness to the urgent need preservation of biodiversity and the environment. Unions poultry are now sensitive to our idea across France.

3 - At the same time my partner and myself have a practical and poultry farming and gardening, by reinforcing each training underway or planned as part of our project. In addition, we are all, basically, two host and educator with youth and adults for many years (BAFA, ADB, and Level Defa various athletic skills)

4 - In my case I was manager of communities for 20 years with all the achievements in management accounting, financial and human. Artisan and in catering for 7 years and two years of trading (see cv on

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