Objectives: In the SCOP SARL ATAV

Objectives: In the SCOP SARL ATAV

1 - We will build ourselves in poultry houses and wooden structures using local materials(cost reduction of 60%) and install all equipment in the standards. It will be removable somoved to new plots.

2 - We will rapidly expand and diversify the breeding of poultry in order to ensure more revenue.

3 - We will cultivate from the start of operation the organic garden and try to acquire arable land, fallow or cereal for our natural and biodynamic cultivation.

4 - We will implement fast and direct sales to our other distributors, we are equipped for light transport vehicles with health standards.

5 - The operation will move quickly but gently to ensure a healthy cash flow and future investments.

Our true vocation education and teaching

6 - The opening of the conservatory with a minimum entry fee of € 2 will provide additional revenue (a special school will be created)

7 - Visits to leisure centers and schools may be considered and the supply of farm productscould be targeted to the canteens.

8 - If we allow our resources we could acquire a small farm building which will facilitate our development. And consider having an apprentice encouraging reintegration.

9 - Jump over the three years, compared to the projected balance and economic and social viability of our Scop

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