Page of purpose and foundations

Page of purpose and foundations


Page of purpose and foundations

The goals of this site:

I'm installing a laying hens producing organic rustic initially, in collaboration with an organic farmer, Nicolas, for our self-sufficiency and providing food for livestock and the establishment of an excellent compost.

Subsequently, the choice of a breeding entirely focused on organic production with a diversified poultry, land acquisition for our own cultures.

We varierons our way of sales, direct sales, wholesale slaughter and sale to local restaurants or canteens.

To promote information to the environment and preservation of the species we opt for the creation of a repository of French & European races of educational and teaching, and with the public schools and recreation centers.

Our foundation:

The foundations of our project are based on both principles and Bases Agro-ecology, The Permaculture and agriculture and livestock and animal friendly environment, respect for theecosystem and the preservation of biodiversity.

We create our company for the purpose of conversion, but also a personal and social reintegration can then open to learning of troubled youth.

On a global level, we support human values ​​and solidarity, self-management in consultation and forthright reports.

A model community and sharing both human Economics.

This leads us to choose for collaborative practice, and sharing, but the preservation or the working tool remains the priority, the establishment of a reserve fund and collective decisions and orders strategy of choice in all the areas of business.

We will develop networking to build relationships and social & economic strengthening relations with the local social and regional levels.

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