Our association:

Name of association: SCOP SARL ATAV & Co "Friends of the Earth and live animals"

Summary and context: "AN ASSOCIATE = A VOICE"

Scop status consists of two people chosen voluntarily and motivated by:
The pooling of material, financial and human creators.
The combination of technical and intellectual skills of each and complementary areas.

The primary objective of this association is the preservation of the working tool by any means, its sustainable development over time.
Monitoring dashboards and assessment of need cash to keep our business in detail and strength.

Decisions and directions of snuff in Scop are common and consensual.
The remuneration is set according to statutes scop (from work) and vary depending on the results and balance sheet of the Scop, primarily a reserve fund consists of net income after tax of the company possible. Dividends are paid to the capital contributed by partners.

Our work is supported since its creation by the federation of networks scop from creation to the study, the feasibility, aid management and international consultations and partnership meetings. Choice of our business, our business objectives are identified, we must now implement the means (human, material and financial) and calculate the resources needed to achieve our ends (all boards are made with management boutiques and advisers of Chambers of Agriculture)

We will favor banks and cooperative networks of associations and foundations for support and partnership. The originality of our Scop is also an action of each participant or original subscription (from € 15 minimum) will receive after two years a poultry principle of eco-innovative public participation and self-financing ...

Our project as described on our "temporary site"

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